03 August 2007

Progress report of a Dominican vacation house

Here, the history of the vacation home in the

Orchid Hill Resort Cabrera ( Dominican Republic )


The story begins in August 2006, when the Owner of Villa “Florangelis” –which is the official name of this 2bedroom Villa in Orchid Hill- contacted me and my partner.
They were searching for a new administration for the Villa, what is part of our business
Therefore, we arranged a date for the next day.
It was a nice day; with a lot of sunshine- great Caribbean weather, and the nice Villa Owners was welcome us by the pool of the Villa.

Here I have to explain why I read this text in English – what completely obviously not my mother Language is;
Because of the owners are Americans, and the most of our guest we are welcome at the Villa also, I like that everybody get this story.

So- it was a very nice Caribbean day, the water in the pool looks great, the drinks what they offering us were fresh and cold, everything perfect.
But the reason why we are there was not to jump in the pool, of course not. But the pool it would become a big part in the story, even if establishes from others.

We was sitting on this nice terrace with the nice tile ground,
and decussated out what Herb and Linda like to have.
Means, what kind of changing’s, how we have to handle the garden ect.
Okay, I hope, I don't bore you?
But I like to start slow, like to write a crime story, what it is not.
Therefore let me explain first, from what we are talking;
Overlooking Cabrera, on the road to Loma Alta, there is a small property which is owned by a German Man called “Günther Schwarz”
By his management started there a few years ago the Resort ORCHID HILL with the construction of this 2 bedrooms Villa with Great Ocean view.......

We are living in Cabrera, and therefore we know about this project, we also were visiting this in the constructions time, but just because of curiosity.

It is really a great spot up there; you get a 180 degree ocean view overlooking the coastline, Orchid bay and Cabrera. By the way -Orchid Bay;

This is a Luxury Rental Villa Resort close to Cabrera town, where are a few of the best biggest and the most expensive Rental Villas from the entire Island are. I was a little bit disappointed when I read the first time the advertising for Orchid Hill. This is a very cheap way of copies some good running Business ( and its name ). But this was not my business, even we are working for some Villas there in Orchid-Bay….
One of the first questions Herb has been; was if we know Günther Schwarz. Because of we are also from the German part in Europe (Germany and Switzerland) this is a logically question. Cabrera is a small town. My answer was that I didn’t know him personally, but I was known his name and his project of course- at special because he downloaded pictures from my webpage to advertise his project! And that not pleased me really !!
All the stories about his time in Sosua, are just stories, and maybe you people what are reading this knows more about. But this is anyway not from interest, this is history.
The part what will be the story here, has to do with this vacation home, and on which way it was build. Everybody what are knows the Dominican maybe can play a song about, constructions here. So it will be not a new realization for the most of you, but it will be a bit different if you know the background.

It is a different story if someone promises you that the green will be green, and blue will be blue. Or if somebody tells you that there will be some color in it.

The promises in this case are this;

Original text from Homepage;Project Orchid Hill -Günther Schwarz:

In case of many diseases, such as dermatitis, rheumatism, disease of vertebral discs, respiratory disease, the combination of the local climatologic conditions, especially the clean iodine and salty air and the UV radiations of the sun, are suspected reasons of restoring the health.

. Here you can live far away from stress, political disturbances and fear of terrorism.

…See how easy and economic it can be to buy a real estate or to invest in a tropical paradise…

The purchasing of a real estate and the realisation of your pretended construction depends on your idea and of your financial possibilities. Location, size, the opening up, ground conditions and surroundings should be examined and tested. Before you decide to buy think of rain periods, wind, salty sea breeze and much more. Together with our architects, we built the villa of your dreams for a reasonable price.
The houses constructed by us have a fix price and finishing guarantee.
Supervision, selection of craftsmen, selection of the material and material check are supervised by us.
- Quality in the construction is our main aim to keep and increase the quality -

Massive hurricane and earthquake safe construction Ferro concrete and hollow bricks, steel reinforced concrete.
Concrete Bermuda roof, inner side whitewashed, outside with special waterproof layer.
Outsides rough plastered with dispersion paint layer, inside plastered with concrete chalk mixture.
Paint color of choice – acrylic paint.
Main door and inner door made in massive wood. Sliding doors and window frames in anodized aluminium, glass and fly protection grate (screen),
Complete kitchen in massive wood with upper and inferior cupboards, fridge, gas oven, double sink for a value of .... US $.
Complete bathroom installation with tasteful sanitary elements with jacuzzi, one hand framework mountings.
Each sleeping room has its own split level aircondition.
The floor including terrace covered with ceramic tiles, walls tiled in the bath room and kitchen, colour of your choice.
Electric installation is according to American standard in 110 Volt 60 Hers. Warm water processing, provided by sun collector and warm water boiler.
Sanitary installation, with cold and warm water tubes of polyethylene and hard PVC.
Black waters by common septic tank. Grease separator for kitchen drain.

Individual ideas of planning are naturally taken into account. Orchid Hill is built up under German supervision. For the electricity supply, each house has a current inverter, supplying electricity for some 24 hours. The completed infrastructure includes water, electricity, telephone, internet access, cable TV, access roads, common area gardening. Security is ensured by 24 hours an awake protection. For adequate privacy, each villa is surrounded on both sides by natural stone walls. The buyer receives a fixed price and finishing guaranty certified by notary.

The designer and constructor is himself living in the project and runs the supervision and administration.
We gladly take care of the rent of your bungalow while you are not using it
There are maybe a few points more what I should have underlined;
But I don't want to write a whole novel here!
Here you can live far away from stress
Or you will find it!

Before you decide to buy think of rain periods

Exactly Günther!!!


..and finishing guarantee..
Ehmm?! What means that exactly?
Yes the House is finish. It exists and it is there. All parts are more or les also there, a roof, doors, a kitchen ect. If this guarantee means that, Günther get 100 points!

Quality in the construction is our main aim to keep and increase the quality –
OHHH! Quality- that sounds good, what kind of QUALITY

..to American standard in 110 Volt 60 Hers

American standard? Thanks god that I’m from Europe. If the power situation there in the US really is this way, they need important some help!

Sanitary installation, with cold and warm water tubes of polyethylene and hard PVC
Right, nobody says something about what size of pipe, and where the pressure comes from!

Orchid Hill is built up under German supervision.
This astonished; if this is this way, how the economy can do so well in Germany.
Maybe they using in Germany some other supervisors?

finishing guaranty certified by notary
But just if the buyer didn’t forget to write that by his own into the contract!
( what happend if the owner has another signed proof of it- Günther? )

The designer and constructor is himself living in the project and runs the supervision and administration.
Maybe this dream becomes reality someday…. **

Hopefully not in this Century!
** see more about this below

The most of you are know now where the story goes.It is the well known problems in the Dominican;
Water and Electricity Supply in the DR!
How many people of you can write a book of that?

But also we all know that it is not a big deal to install that on a way that it works.
And I didn’t like to confuse people what are new in the DR. Herb and Linda where new this time the signet the contract of this Villa. Because all this was sounds great, and it was exactly what they was looking for.
I like to “protect newcomers” of the mistake by buying a home or building here.
A lot of this what you can read about the Dominican is true. This is a beautifully country, and your dreams can come true, and you can build or own your dream house here. There are existing the paradise without stress, crystal clear pools ( what are not leaking ) water systems without the sound of a pump next to your bed, or ceramic tiles what are waterproofed! There existing German Quality and guaranty of constructions.
You can own a home what has 24H electricity, security and much more.
You also can trust people here! Just follows some special rules which are:

  • Talk with people what are living here, listens to the experience they have.

  • Don’t believe the first story, talk with different people

  • Forget the rules from your home country. The DR is different
    I didn’t like to be here pictures my self as teacher; this is the experience I have. And I like to share it with others.
Back to the story up in the beautifully hills of Cabrera;
We are managing the house now 1 year, and it is the perfect vacation spot for travellers what is like to see the beautifully part of the Dominican without the big tourism. We rented the Villa to a few guest, and all of them was just happy there.
How this comes, after I write that there maybe existing a lot of problems? Well, after Herb was spend a lot more money as expect, on the top of the sells price to fix the problems, it is almost “finished” now. On the day we were having the first meeting, Herb and Linda explained us the reason why they like to hire us.
They bought the house and Günther offer them the management of the Villa. (The owners having this Home as a vacation place and in between somebody have to look at it of course.)But the problem was, that a few things never really was happened, like promised. So it comes to the point of “no more patience” and they were searching for a professional company. The Owners give us a list, of the things what are was not okay, and have to be changed or fixed. It was not a big list, a few small things what really details, but also a few things what is not acceptable.

Here just the big ones;
- The water pump for the house starts every forty seconds by opening the faucet, and it was fixed direct to the wall behind the bedroom.

-The pool is leaking disproportionately.
-The pump house for the pool equipment was flood after rain.

-The power system didn’t work correct, because the regulator was damaged, and the house was connected “black” to the official power line.
-The wire was without a transformer for the long distance from the road to the house.
-Eight off the batteries was having the wrong amp size.
-One air-condition didn’t work’s
Noteworthy on that; the house was brand-new!

Okay; on every construction you have things like that, of course, but the point on it was not the problems it self’s.

No- the problem was that the owners was complained that in the before and nothing happened. Just promises from Günther, that he will fix it.



That is not changed until today

By the way- today;

Here a pictures taken this morning ( August 13 2007

Okay you say- they didn’t like the floor and change it.

Look at this picture and you maybe see a different reason for that;


or this one;


No problem at all, because Günther Schwarz is selling his houses with 5 years guarantee!!
Okay, bit trouble bit dirt, and workers in the house. But that can happen. Or?

Sorry, now I loose again my way- we were in the beginning of the story.

One year ago where we getting started;
The localisation of the problems was no big deal, and we done a proposal to the Owners. Moving the pump outside of the house, install a bigger pressure tank. After the regulator was fixed we install special electric solutions too protect all the electrical stuff inside the house.

To run behind Mister Schwarz that he connected the house to an official Edenorte line with transformer was needed eight months!

The pool leak was more difficult, it is still on the map. 50% better but….. Drop..drop…drop

And after a few weeks we were knows who this Günther Schwarz is;

  • Many promises

  • Many words

  • Many apologies

But at the end ....just


You think, that is a bit hard what I write here?


But believe me, after all the anger we was having with this guy, this is a very nice form I write here.
You like to read the negative side in ORCHID HILL ...?

Continue;( there are people what can fix this for 100US$ ...see below)

Why I write this here?

First there was a lot of patience I need for this guy, and after we was having poisoned plants, broken pool tiles, damaged construction material, Personally threats( and of course no perpetrators )

I act like the old Statement says:

Throw the stone back where it comes from!

Maybe the reader is thinking now, things like that happened. Is this not a bit exaggerated!?

I think on all construction in the world you will getting some problems, and everywhere you have some things what will be damaged, or not working. Maybe in the Dominican Republic there is a bit more of that, then on some other places.
The point about the situation up in Orchid Hill is different because of the Person who handles this; the promised quality and the guarantee was not exist anymore if something happened;

The installation of the professional electrical installation the organisation form Orchid Hill didn’t like to pay, because of there was no exactly description in the sells contract what kind of “American standard” !!

After we involved a lawyer, the pool was “fixed” two times true Günther Schwartz himself ( I didn’t know before that this is his profession ), but it was still leaking. All try’s to explain him, where the problem is, was without result ( even the report of a professional Pool company didn’t changes his opinion ). They put simple glue on the pool tiles and on the joints, with the goal that the entire glue parts was in the filter after a few days!!
And on the top, they damaged the new pool steps!

After rain was flowed-in the house through the door, the tiles in the living room lifted up. Two professional companies mentioned that this happened because the tile work was totally wrong done. Günthers comment was that things like that happened, and we have to live with that. Especially the owner pays a very good price!!
No way has that he liked to handle his guarantee. He wanted to know nothing of a guarantee!

Original text Günther Schwarz;

The usual guarantee here in the Dominican Republic for objects bought - as seen, is maximum one year. It is incomprehensible for me, why the tiles take off themselves.
Also it is subject to the control duty of the owner or manager, if, with extremely strong rains and strong hoists water penetrates in the house.

I think it´s enough*, and you, the owner of the house has also to take responsibility for your home.
Nice words from a man what are were using his client to give him a mortgage to build the new constructions!



The water could come into the house, because the builder didn’t installed a threshold!!
And who ever here about the problem that tiles are not waterproofed?
Please let me know about, because of I didn’t see much other reasons to use tiles. (Except the design)

The story is simple;
The tiles were lifted because the water penetrates under the tiles. That happened because of the joint’s was porous. And because there was a bad work done by put the tiles in ( to dry ) it lifted up.
The pool is leaking because the tile work there is also a botch!

I would have here many other story’s about bad construction mistakes in this house, but like I told in the beginning, this goes otherwise into a novel!
Good to know is maybe that;
never buy a house or let it build from somebody what has no clue about it!
And if somebody read that, and he is maybe interested to buy one of the other houses up in Orchid Hill ( there are still two for sell ) feel free to contact me - I can give you a exactly list, where you have to start the rebuilding of it, because of I watched the construction of this many times!
( maybe more time then the German supervisor )

And at least: Herb and Linda’s Vacation home becomes this days a new living room floor, and we also change all the hollow tiles on the terrace, and after that, it will be a again a beautifully place to relax and enjoyed the view by a cool drink .

New month new scenery:
The Villa is ready, the new floor finished, and next week there are new guest coming.

I dint like to read, that there is no TV connection, because this problem all the times happened. The wire goes over the property behind, and it is not in a tube or in the ground, no it is just there, so everybody can step on it. You know, people what are having too much money, can do that.

( TV wires are not cheap, and very sensitive. )

Anyway, I was like to talk about the funny situation of the electricity in the DR, and special in the Orchid Hill Project.

First I must admit that I had been mistaken.
** see text up on this side;
It looks, that Mister Schwarz after all one of his promise does:
He is moving into the unfinished Villa next, and because of he is the technical supervisor of Orchid Hill, he knows how to connect a house with all appliances you need.
Water is not a big deal, but because for that you need a pump.

And if you forget in the construction time to make some space for it, the property is big, somewhere it will be a corner for it. Even it is on the neighbour’s property!!

..and this need power, you also need electricity.

No problem at all.
Look at the yellow electric cable at the ground

Take a wire and connect it, because there is power on the property!

In another country you go to prison for this!!

I think the word for it is steals.

But of course I'm not sure....


We were asking him for a statement after the work for the new floor was done,
about the guarantee.

"he can sue me"

was the answer we get!!

Basically I ended the blogg here, because of I have really better to do, then this, but on some reason somebody wanted to play further



Now look at this! After weeks this blogg is online, there is somebody wakened up.

And id looks that this person feels very bored, because of it has a lot of time to visit this blogg several times to search for an idea of a comment. ( look on the deepest point of this side- there is counter, what shows you the numbers of visitors, and me it shows the i.p. address and more details of this visitors…

!!! internet is fun, if you know to use it !!!

Before I talk about this, let me explained first the funny situation on the hill without orchids:

Above, I wrote that Gunther’s dream becomes true, and he moved into his Dream villa!

But after a few days he maybe noticed that to live in a house without water ( the pump was not able to get under presser, because of there is maybe a leek-who knows…. he is specialist in water leeks ) the Family Schwarz decided to live next the entrance of the resort in a nice Dominican wood house, with view to a garbage hole.

I can understand this totally, because if I have to choose between an ocean view villa and a wood house with a tin roof, I would make of course the same decision.

So if you have a meeting with the Director of the ORCHID HILL RESORT, may to buy a house there, simply knock at the palm cottage next the gate.

TV and Power connection for a few peso tip!

And if you like to know a bit more about the 5 year guaranty story, and what happened since the Owner of the House is in the country….. Come back in a few hours. I will finished this later, because of I have beside of this her, better to do.

Wednesday October 17th 2007 3.50p.mYou already heard that the seller ( Gunther Schwarz ) sold this Villa to Herb and Linda with a 5 years guaranty. But after something like the pool leek happens and Mister Schwarz was not able to fix it, or the unbelievable damage with the tiles, Mister Schwarz didn’t remembers this anymore. See above.
Herb confronted him as a result with the fact that he ( Owner ) has a letter what shows this agreement. The answer of this was-you also can read above- he can sue me.
Okay, that means that this maybe shows us the real character of Gunther Schwarz.
Here the text from an real estate website- done October 17th 2007 3p.m.

Listing Nr
DescriptionLOCATED JUST MINUTES from the PLAYA GRANDE BEACH and GOLF COURSE -- this urbanization offers good management and excellent construction -- each home has 5KW back-up invertor, as well as water, electricity, cable TV. internet access, asphalt roads -- and 5 year guaranty on the construction!! Payments can be made during the construction phase in 5 instalments (40% down payment). A 50m2 swimming pool with solar pump and ionisation water treatment can be added for US$21,000.
US$ 230,000
Construction/Lot Size
230 m2(2474.8 feet2)900 m2(9684 feet2)
Roof/House Structure
Cement/Paint (Bermuda Style)/Cement/ Alu Window

Direct link to this homepage:


Any question?

I’ has none!!

5KW inverter ( wow )
.., electricity, cable TV. …, asphalt roads ( wow )
ionisation water treatment ( wow )
and of course i have no question about the 5 year guaranty !!!

if you are looking at this advertising you also find out, that this is not for some other villa-

no… it is still the original one for this house!!!!!

But I am made unsure:

Because of this comment from the last days, I need the help of you visitors.
Please help me out, because of I’m just a simple car mechanic and didn’t understand
where is in the front and where behind?
Here first this two nice comments;

Anonymous hat gesagt...
You will find out what happens to people who first talk about things that they don’t know about and then who slander others!If you had the first clue about construction you wouldn’t say what you say!There are remedies for people like you!
October 11, 2007 11:52 AMAnonymous hat gesagt...
Very accurate description from a swiss car mechanic, who thinks that he is no a building surveyor. May be he goes to school again to learn moreabout the item guarantee. Let´s check, that he has the permission to live in this country. All I heard is , that in most places he worked before, he got fired.
October 15, 2007 5:39 PM
See original comment below this side

First admired readers, please if there is somebody what can help me out with this English, because of I’m really just a pure car mechanic, and I already write that my English is not really good-
what the h… means

"a building surveyor"

And is there somebody out there what no’s about the new laws in this country that swiss car mechanics are not more allowed here in the DR?

Okay I understand this anyway as the true like it is written:
I’m not (no) constructor or architect or builder or what else, and of course I’m not a surveyor!
I guess my English is good enough to help this anonymous writer to fix the mistakes:
Is has to be a now.. not a no….
For the surveyor thing to understand I will search for a school like this person has recommended, even it was about the guaranty. But this fact I guess is clear now… or Gunther??

About the threats in this comments i just can say;
That shows which school the writer was visited.

Then I have a question just curious;

After this blogg getting so much visitors- no idea where they come from, it must have to do with search engines ….maybe somebody from you know who the architect off this map is. Because I guess that I saw this also on some other side from South America. But maybe I’m wrong, like with the most I say, and this comes from Gunther and he gives it to somebody else. Like the first pictures on his homepage from Cabofino / Lazyheart and Goldendolphin…. ????

And at least, I like to say this;

Yes my first education was car mechanic.

This is now over twenty years ago, but it was a funny time.
After this I was done a lot of different things and a few of my jobs like my last one I loos because of I got fired. Fired from my self because of I was an independent worker with my own company.
A very hard and pure life, and now they like to kick me out of the Dominican……….
Maybe I have to ask Gunther if he have some hole is his wood villa, where I can hide.

I guess this will be not the last I write here…… harm

Life can be so easy:

Thursday October 18 2007 11 a.m.

If we are really learning something from this story, it will bet his;

There are people living on this planet what never will be understand….

Therefore it will be waste of time if I’m going further with this.

Even after they harms itself, they don’t wake up.

I didn’t have to be a doctor to understand that a man without his head is dead.

And I didn’t have to be an architect to understand that:

  • a dirt road is not asphalt,

  • a 3.5kw inverter is not a 5kw inverter,

  • a 2.5kw is not a10kw regulator,

  • a pool what loos 0.8 inch water per day is leaky,

  • a pool step what is slippery like ice is dangers

  • a pool where are the nozzles on the wrong spot and therefore the leaves didn’t go into the skimmers is wrong designed,

  • a ionisation with the capacity of a Jacuzzi is not big enough for a pool,

  • a pool edge what is painted with regular color is not chlorinate resistant

  • a sanitary installation where the size of the pipes is to small so the water cannot drain is wrong,

  • a outside terrace where the joints are not waterproofed is wrong,

  • a electric wire what is 0.2 inch deep into the ground without protection is unprofessional work and dangers,

  • a roof paint what lifted up after 1 ½ years is from some cheap quality,

  • a pump house what is flood after rain is wrong constructed,

  • a TV wire what is open on the road will be damaged if some truck drives over it,

  • a house what is flood when the rain comes from south missing some good constructor

  • a tile floor what lifted up after water hits it is wrong done

I also didn’t have to be an City planners to understand that a house where I have to drive 80 feed backwards because of the resort constructer forget the finished the road! As well, I don't have to be a lawyer to understand why a real estate company is offer a 5 years guaranty if this not coming from the seller. ( if this is not this way, we maybe have to talk with this dealer, maybe they like to pay the damage, and by the way they maybe also put some asphalt road in it, like promised!! Maybe one what goes around like promised)

Also it didn’t need some special education to understand who didn’t understand nothing from construction- this guy is forgotten all the free tips I gave him, about inverters, water pumps, pool skimmers, internet ect etc…… but I never forget all the try to accuse me!!

Cheap is cheap and will be this way for ever…..

How this last comment is signet?
"Owner and constructor of one of the most beautifull projects on the Northcoast."

Ups….. Constructor? Wow! Sorry Sir, I didn’t know this.
So please go further with this threats, it shows all the people what are interested in this, who you really are.

And id pleased me to make advertising for you; therefore I put you web address her in as a link, so the people have it easer to find you. Because of i saw you can need a few visitors.

This is maybe usefully for some visitors, because of on this website are a nice and funny promises listed what are fare away from the reality.

So please visitors, come and have a look on Sir Gunthers constructions on Orchid Hill, you didn’t have to be a Constructor to see all the Mistakes.

And Gunther- just one thing you always forget:

All of us was trying to help you- Herb was give you a mortgage, even after a lot of patience for all the never fixed problems he has with this house, and I help you from the beginning with my know-how as the little car mechanic I am.

Maybe you like explain the visitors, why I’m own the homepage address;
I’m sure you have also for this I nice lie !

It is your fall,Günther Schwarz you was the guy what was starts this war.

By playing chess there are some situations where players the king puts down…

Think about it, and remember the words I mention to you, when you were there with your lawyer… months ago!


Friday October 19 2007 5.45 p.m

Like i said-this is waste of time
If I have to have to answer on this last comment of Mister 1.2Million Resort
Then id will be this:








Or that it better comprehensible:
Sorry I don’t be able to play on this level!
I’m just a simple car mechanic!


"Another Pleasant Valley Sunday here in status symbol land
Mothers complain about how hard life is
And the kids just don't understand..."
by the monkees

Actuality loss;

This will be maybe the right title fort the book I can write about a Man calls;

Günther Schwarz –

Owner, Manager, Constructor of the 1.2 million Dollar Resort Orchid –Hell!

Once upon a time…..

Of course I’m not a writer, I’m just a simple car mechanic, but after I learned at school three words to write, and know what is a comma, and what is question mark- I’m must be qualify for this.

So maybe I found through the help of this man to my vocation.

But you are right; this will be defiantly a waste of energy,
and that in the age of the climate change!!

No, this will be really not a good idea.
But I will keep this in my mind; maybe this realization helps me for my
future – somewhere in the prison, where Gunther like to send me.

And because of I explain already three times, this it waste of time what I’m doing here, and I still don’t stop it, you anyway have to thing “this guy didn’t have all mice in the race”

Maybe you are more then right.

But; ……………………………………………………….

Resort Rules;

If you people out there think about buying a house inside of a resort, you will be may interested in some examples of resort rules. Or how it can be interprets these;

“The Buyers commit to fulfill all the regulations from the Project "Orchid Hill" to which you/they belong the immovableses object of this contract.

“Free translation from the original Spanish contract”

That means; if the resort sell you the house with television connection, you have to pay the damaged wire on the neighbor property by your own, even the damage was done from some workers of the resort, or because it was not protected. But this didn’t means that you can fix it correct, by put up the wire into the air by your own. No this will be the owner of the resort not allowed you. You can put it into the ground over the neighbor’s property, on your own cost, and if there in the future somebody will build something, that will be again your problem!

Also this means; you will get a monthly bill for electricity, with the explication:
The Resort owner had to buy a new regulator, and a few light bulbs for the streetlight, and after a lightning damaged this, he has to fix it.

It is not important that this streetlight just on the backside and the entrance of the resort is installed, where are the unsold construction are, and the only place where no streetlight is the area around your house.

You also have to except, that resort rules means; the road in front of your house belongs to the resort, but to clean or fix it is your fall.

But you have take care on witch way you talk with this kind of Resort Owners- because of if you mentioned that there is something incorrect on the bill, the Resort management will immediately threaten you to stop the water by the police!

In German we call things like that Kindergarten “war” and it is exactly this way.

So I guess if we all learn something about this it will be this;

If you are searching for a way, to get a bit more troubles into your life- there is a man on this planet what can show you a very easy way to go.

I guess I found the vocation for you Günther Schwarz;

“Make your own life to a nightmare – Teacher!"

I don’t think that there is lot money to make, but in this case you are excellent!

Thursday 25 October 2007 :


Basically I’m tired of this shit here, because of I feel like I have to play with the little kids from my neighbours.

And regularly I would say; “ The clever is silent “ but on some reason, I talk again.

Maybe because of this is my character, I didn’t can sit on my mouth; I have to say what I have to say:

First I guess there is some misunderstanding what must be clarified;

There are people on this Planet what making the mistake that they talking from others, but means itself. And therefore I think I have to help these guys, because it looks that they need some after school lessons!
First if you talking about using a Clients home as “your” private home, you have to look on your memory pictures from the past, then you can see, that this was your life you are talking about;
Because of this was your game Mister Schwarz; you was they guy which was using the house from Herb for nice BBQ Party’s, and forget after to feel up the gas tank! And you may also forget that at this time a few other people were talking with Mister 1.2 Million Dollar Resort in this House from Family Weil, which he shows as his office!
Second, if you are talking from People where you are don’t know; like Mister Schecher, or Mister Siemer, or Mister Torres, or Mister Rivera, or Miss Lorick, or Miss Duguin…….

( if you like to have the compete list, let me know, I sell it to you! )

Then try first to write the names exactly, then try to contact them, then try to talk with them, and then you can talk with the public. If you are doing it without knowing this people, the chance that the ball comes back to you, and hits your goal I very big!

( again a free tip- no charge! )

And as the last point; if you try others to accuse;
Talk first with a lawyer, they know a bit about the laws, they also can protect you from the mistake to say something in public what others can use against you!

( second free tip- no charge! )

And if you missing the money to pay the lawyer, just talk with your Creditors, maybe one them still believes in you and give you a few bugs on top.
This was the morning letter from Cabrera, come back tomorrow and we will go further with this nice Caribbean soap opera!

And günther-I have to thank you for something;
Because of I was almost thinking you are loos complete the reality, I’m happy to hear that you a one point get correct- yes we are working on Herbs house, true the time he is not there!
That is the reason why he hired us!

PS: we are still waiting for the correct bill that we can pay you!!!
So long….

Wednesday 31 October 2007 Happy End?
Finely we are going at the end of this nice Caribbean love story!
During the ten days Herb and Linda where here, to enjoyed there home, Mister “I know everything better then somebody else” was not able to talk a word with them. Except the words he writes here in the comments, and a letter with the bill for the not existing streetlight-which he sends by his employee!
Because of the deal with Günther was at the beginning based on trust and friendship, the owners loose all respect of this guy.
So there is no Happy End from this side, with exception that Herb and Linda has nice days here, during the time where “The Gunther Schwarz Story” was not the conversation topic!
But Mister “I like my Woodhouse “ was able the destroy the last part of patience of Herb and Linda, and therefore they like to sell the House now!!
Good job Gunther--- nice done!!
The reputation for Orchid Hill goes better and better………………………..
If you are read the comments of this Man; “I can fix it for 100$” or “with 200 Pesos tip”
and “1,2 Million Resort” you didn’t have questions anymore.
I fixed “his” TV line again provisional; because of I’m tired…. Tired…. Tired!!!!!
Herb and Linda decided to forget the 2000US$ for the new floor, because of the time to run against Günther by law, is also waste of energy!
There exist a Fable what that describes well;
If a donkey at a wall leans-the wall fall’s!
Because the more intelligent gives in!
In this sense;

Have a good time, sleep well, and if you decided to wake up someday – just let me know!
Is the life not funny?

happy new year
In our villas and apartment resort Orchid Hill in Cabrera on the North coast of the Dominican Republic we offer extraordinary possibilities of investment and living in a fantastic vegetation with panoramic view over the green landscape………….
Yes… this is what so many people are looking for.

And like this promises from the Orchid Hill brochure says, you can find it there.
And what you also would find is friendly neighbourhoods what take respect of each other, and looking for a harmfully life up at Orchid Hill.

So everybody takes care of his neighbour.

You didn’t will have that you are sitting in the Deck chair by the pool, enjoyed the view, and next to you the “owner” of the resort runs around and splash poison on the meadow, which the winds blown you directly into the your face!

No… no. this is an area where the freedom of earth is born!

No way- your neighbour will your complaint accept, and he would put the area into fire!

So you just have the entire pool full of burned grass.

And after nobody is in the Villa anymore,

he will return with his poison and of course also on a windy day.

And therefore, you just have your palm trees damaged along the borderline.

What did the brochure say there?

.. a fantastic vegetation…

December 2010
There is the saying ;
Never ending Story…
And so… the story continue;
May I say that already, but all what happened here with this House in the Hills of “ORCHID HILL” is like a very cheap novel!
I will go on to explain what happened in the last two years soon. Very soon!

I look forward to all commentaries.

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