01 February 2011

Remax Cabrera meets Orchid Hill

When we thought we had seen it all, walked Barry Soloman in!
and after some funny moments all i can say is;
"Stupidity is not dangerous to condemn, because no one feels attacked"!

Why am I writing this?

Have a closer look, and see what is behind
the blue sky of the Dominican Republic!

Nestled into a beautiful hill, live away from the bustle of the city, breathe clean fresh air, enjoy the greenery around you and the infinite blue Atlantic Ocean.

Buy your dream home includes never ending horror!

want to know why?

it is simple;

Barry, the seller of Remax Cabrera sold land he did not legally represented. 
 For example, my!! 
 Fraudsters have short legs, and Barry has also still a big nose. That should already explain everything ...
If not… try it with the guy… and I wish you luck.
and if there is a problem ( Pool loses water ) ... no problem: ... a few dollars, and it's done
You want to know what to do with the history of the house at Orchid Hill?
Now I would like to tell you ...

...and the most funny part on this story: 

It goes much better... in the year 2017 there is much more happening!