28 December 2017


the worst case...happend: 

Exactly what we've always warned people about has happened.
People like Günter Schwarz or Barry Soloman (whom I refer to as scammers in the other blog) have managed to get what they had always warned. But nobody wanted to believe us.

 But it's not just closed. The customers who bought there, have lost everything! Everything means: House, lot of money... everything

 Those who have read the blog or know me - knows that my company has managed a house there. What not many know is that I wanted to buy the neighboring property. And if you want to buy something in the country, you first check the titles. 

( Isn't that so Barry Soloman?! )

This is what a scammer who claims to be a serious seller looks like

And because the neighbouring property belongs to the same owner as the part that Günter Schwarz ( Founder of Orchid Hill ) years ago bought, there is something to discover.
 First we found out that the border had not voted. Then we saw this for the part where Orchid Hill ( OH ) stands only a big title exists.
 When we drew our attention to our customers, he ask us- to go for a "deslinde" for his property.
This was sometime in 2008/2009.
 Mr. Schwarz said that it was running, and that everything was good. When we asked in Nagua at the Office of the Authority, they said there was nothing to run with the title.
 We told the customer, and he said he believed Mr. Schwarz ( GS ). There are many who have always believed in GS! Shit happens!

I said my company has managed a house in OH. The owner of this, was from the USA. Much of what happens here in the DR was not to be believed for him. 
  He was in trouble with the house all the time.. ( see the History ) We fixed it piece by piece, and we had at least always rented it, so he didn't have to pay much.The owner wanted to sell. He had enough.He had entered GS as a partner. Had lent money so that GS could finish building the second house.
 So he was very glad when a new partner showed up who took over his loans.
Scott Teilhaber ...

This funny man had a hotel with a dubious reputation in sosua, and become the new Partner and later ( allmost Owner )  of Orchid Hill Cabrera.
We had to go to Sousa to meet him. To give us the money for the customer.
And we thought: You're a funny guy (sarcastically mean)
 We didn't have much to do with him afterwards. He didn't want to be involved with anyone.

 After that was done, we should sell the house.
But he didn't want to understand that you can't sell the house without a title. And he didn't want us to believe that his house isn't worth as much money as he thought.
 I thought it was a good idea to ask another American
 ( Barry Soloman-then still Remax partner ) to explain it to him.
 I contacted Remax Cabrera because I thought they were serious. 
 Big mistake!
 After Barry was still new to the Dominican, he claimed to be the Smartie. I didn't care, main thing he could explain to the customer how the real estate market here is running.
 But he did something completely different. He told the customer some adventure stories, so that the customer would cancel the contract for management.
And this in a very special way. We don't know what he told the customer. But it must have been a good fairy tale. Because when we came to the house on a Monday,
 the locks where changet!
I don't know if this is so common in the USA. But for us it was a sign that we were dealing with very primitive people here.  To be quite honest; We were glad to get rid of the house.

The end of the story? Yes for us. 
But for others, they just started. And how!!

  Barry Soloman tried to sell the house without a title.

 Our good friend Barry (!) has tried to sell that house to different customers. Without papers is understood.
He also told to one of this clients- you can fix the pool for $1, 000.
 Without a clue what's going on.
"The only way to fix it, is to build a new one- IDIOT!" ( is what I say )
When you contact a real estate agent, you are going to be in good hands. 
Who believes.. It's your fault!
 Maybe there are exceptions

 The house was sold to a Spanish family. I don't know who sold it. But it was a real estate trader without scruples. 
 The second Scott (A customer with the same name as the partner of GS ) had bought the property and had a house built by GS. I don't know if he's finished building it. It's possible that someone else has finished building it. The good Scott knew everything better and did not want to be helped. So I left it only to run small talk with him. We had warned him long before he had bought it, but it knew better.

 In short: He lived some years in the House. Was displeased. Went back to America, and the House was still robbed the last night before the departure. Actually, he wanted to sell the House. But now, a lawyer lives  in there
And because he had no title like everyone else there...

 So now everyone is trying to regain ownership with their lawyers. 
 The cunning (sarcastic mean) Austrian they have built a wall in front of the driveway. He built his house next to Oh. But he needs the entrance of the project to get to his house. Now the lawyers have bricked it up.
 He too wanted to explain to us that we have no idea! 

There is something going on there. 
 And I still hear the words of Barry in the ears:
 "You have no idea about real estate papers."
  I only say one thing: scammers may have a big mouth
 But we'll see who gets you on it!

I wish you all... good luck!

All those who have purchased. 
All who would not listen to.
 And all who get involved with Barry. 
Good luck! 

As with all my blogs, the text will have typos, ( I have overslept the English lessons )  and it can contain a lot of sarcasm.

 Even if it is not marked. For side effects, ask your doctor.